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pilgrimage_1563x2500_20160302Pilgrimage is the next chapter in the fan-favorite alternate history featuring metahumans in the last decades of the twentieth century. The second part of The Charters Duology (the follow up to Brave Men Runand the fourth title in the Sovereign Era saga is here!


A year after the events of Brave Men Run — A Novel of the Sovereign Era, tensions rise between the Sovereigns and the rest of the world as the first anniversary of Dr. William Karl Donner’s historic Declaration draws near.

Nate Charters finds himself a veritable household name thanks to the ongoing, headline-grabbing legal struggle between his family, the multinational Prentice-Cambrian corporation, the parents of Nate’s friend Byron, and the Sovereign nation.

Nate learned the unsettling truth about his origins nearly a year ago… but knowing what you are is not the same as knowing who you are. A revelation about his girlfriend, Lina, and his own growing concerns about his increasingly hair-trigger temper force Nate on a desperate journey to solve that puzzle before his life is torn to pieces.

Meanwhile, young Sovereign Byron Teslowski struggles to find his place at the Donner Institute For Sovereign Studies, and Byron’s dad Marc accepts a dangerous, dubious ally in a final attempt to reach his estranged son and restore his family.

All the while, the far-reaching machinations of a subtle conspiracy work to bring oblivion to Nate, Byron, and the Sovereign Nation itself…

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