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Brave Men Run

brave men run cover imageApril 18, 1985—A startling revelation shocks a world already wound tight by the desperate tensions of the Cold War: super-humans exist…and they demand autonomy.

Until that day, high school sophomore Nate Charters thought he was just an outsider and self-proclaimed freak. His unusual appearance, hair-trigger reflexes, and overactive metabolism could have made him something special, but his differences and low self-esteem marked him as a target for the jocks and popular kids long ago.

Now, just as his unique nature catches the eye of a self-assured older girl and the sinister attention of the enigmatic Dr. Brenhurst, Nate must solve the mystery of his origins and find his place in the world. Is he part of a remarkable, powerful new minority… or just a misfit among misfits?

He’d better find his answers quickly. A shadowy organization knows more about him than he could ever imagine. And they’re closing in…

Brave Men Run—A Novel of the Sovereign Era is the revised, expanded edition of the novel originally released in late 2005. It’s the first volume of the Charters Duology, which continues in Pilgrimage.

Brave Men Run is approximately 65,000 words long.

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