I know this isn’t a new subject, but I’ve been thinking about it lately.

Social media and social networks like Twitter, Facebook and the like are great for keeping in touch at a distance, bringing people together for causes and crises, and maintaining a kind of loose thread between friends and acquaintances.

I’m wondering if the ease of communication social networks allow has made people less likely to connect with one another in more direct ways when possible, like over the telephone or in person. It’s convenient, after all, to reply to a tweet or a Facebook status or note… but I wonder if it makes us less likely to make the effort when it comes to less convenient but more personal contact?

I know I’ve been guilty of responding to an e-mail instead of making a phone call, or being satisfied with trading comments on Facebook instead of driving to actually see someone. And I readily admit that my recent desire to reach out to people (and, ideally, have them reach out to me) has probably colored my perception on this… but it’s made me wonder: does social media make us lazy social creatures?

What do you think?